Cobol Reviewer
Create and Review COBOL Program anywhere

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Make COBOL programming portable and as easy as possible...


- Code syntax Checker

- Code Indenter (Alignment Fixer)

- Cobol Syntax Library

- Code Snippets Repository (Store common codes, can be accessed by right click)

- Undefined variables creator (Create undefined variables based on Syntax Checker errors)

- Copybook Generator (Create Copybook in a new way)

- Template Generator (Generate Cobol Template – Batch, Online)

- Sample Generator (Create Sequential File, Move Statement and SQL Statements)

- Debug Line Inserter (Insert Display Statement  to every command you specify)

- Command Translator (Translate your program if written in other language)

- Structure Analyzer

- Code Change Support for COBOL Programs

- Comment and uncomment Functions

- SAM file Generator based on Copybook

- STL file Generator based on Copybook

All features can be adjusted on Project Standards in Database and Template Spreadsheet (Unhide It) 

For DB2 and CICS support:

DB2 can be downloaded at, there’s  a freeware version.

CICS can be downloaded at, 30 days trial and syntax checking does not expire.

Best of all, it’s created in Microsoft Excel (2007 and up required) and portable.
All functions can be accessed just like your editing your Excel Spreadsheet

Great for education and offline don't need a mainframe to test your program.